Frequently Asked Questions About Living with Social Anxiety Disorder

- Can my social anxiety disorder be treated?

Social anxiety can be effectively managed and treated by making mental health counseling, medication, and/or healthy lifestyle changes.

- Is panic disorder a type of social anxiety?

Panic disorder is a type of anxiety disorder characterized by intense feelings of fear or anxiety that lead to panic attacks. When someone is having a panic attack, they may break out in sweat and begin to feel intense chest pain.

- Why do some people fear social situations?

People may develop an intense fear of social situations for one reason or another. Environmental factors, such as traumas, can cause people to fear everyday social situations. Genetic predisposition to anxiety may play a role, and even an underlying health condition can contribute to fear.

- What triggers social anxiety?

For people struggling with social phobia, something as simple as meeting new people can be difficult for them. They may also fear public speaking or other events where they are placed at the center of attention. This social phobia and anxiety can even cause panic attacks in some people.

- What does social anxiety or social phobia feel like?

Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety include intense fear of social situations where you might be placed at the center of attention. Some people may also experience anxiety and depression. 

- Can people with social anxiety disorder improve their social skills?

Definitely! People who want to improve their social skills can use some techniques. Practicing social skills in therapy or in relaxed group settings can also be helpful.

 -Are there support groups for people struggling with social anxiety symptoms?

There are numerous support groups for people struggling with social anxiety. People can join them in addition to their treatment. However, joining one is at one's own discretion, and their effectiveness may vary from person to person.

-Are you currently dealing with signs and symptoms of social phobia or social anxiety disorder?

Learning how to manage your social anxiety disorder is sometimes more complicated than it seems. If you're dealing with chronic social anxiety, it's crucial to seek professional help to choose the right treatment for your social anxiety disorder. At Tappy Online Therapy, you can get the appropriate attention and counseling you need from an experienced professional.