Is Constantly Thinking About Death a Disease?

Thanatophobia is when people focus too much on their own death and are in fear and stress about it. In connection with death, the "flight or flight" instinct is very dominant. As a result, anxiety and panic attacks can be observed. Solving this situation, which affects and restricts life in a very negative way, provides great comfort in life. With the increase of fear of death, people enter into a defensive structure that is harmful to themselves and their environment. In every moment of life, situations such as being overly prepared and never losing control are encountered in connection with anxiety and fear of death. An increase in the fear of death can cause problems such as depression and not being able to interfere with daily life. Is thinking about death a disease? At this point, it is important to evaluate the continuity here well. Humans naturally and naturally feel fear of death in situations of explosion, danger of falling, being attacked, or encountering a wild animal. The fear of death felt in these situations creates the necessary escape or fight situation to hold on to life. Therefore, the fear of death is a natural condition that is in question for every living thing and provides a chance to survive. When people face the danger of death, they fight to defend themselves or they prefer to run away from danger.

On the other hand, in cases where the fear of death and fear of death have reached high levels, people are in a situation that will disturb their daily life, affect their attitudes negatively, and make them constantly anxious. Solving this situation, which directly affects the quality of life negatively and causes the person to restrict himself and his environment, and even to become lonely, provides significant benefits. Is it a disease to think about death all the time? In order to answer the question, people need to ask themselves whether they have a constant fear of death in their lives.

In daily life, there are many different methods to be protected from the negative effects of tanataphobia, that is, the fear of death, and to get rid of this problem. Getting support is a very effective way to fully understand the problem and offer the most appropriate solutions to the person.