What are the Techniques for Coping with Fear of Losing?

Fear of losing is the feeling of losing someone you care about, an object or situation. When the person has this feeling, he is afraid that a loved one will leave him or die, he is worried about the end of the situation he is in, or he becomes psychologically depressed in the process. In such cases, the person does not want to reflect this to the people around him, but he experiences a great anxiety and anxiety. This situation begins to reflect on the behavior patterns of the individual over time. Fear of loss is a normal emotion. We all worry from time to time that we will lose something. But after a certain period of time, when the feeling of loss starts to hurt you and those around you, you can no longer control your fear of losing and this affects you and those around you badly. You can solve this situation with online therapy and try to manage it. Let's take a look at what to do when loss is out of control and how to deal with the fear of losing.

Why Do We Live in Fear of Losing?

The main reason we experience fear of loss is that we feel attached to what we have. Imagine you buy a latest model car. It is easily done by being meticulous every day, taking it to regular controls and not being able to use it so that it does not get old, and taking it from one place to another. Transport facilities. You may have won or achieved this after a long struggle. However, if you don't use something for its intended purpose, or if you care more about its value than its value, you will start to benefit from it when it should benefit you. Separation of loved ones, or those who have them. It is normal to be stuck in a corner and to fear and worry that one day you will die or perish. It will be difficult to establish a healthy relationship with that person. Because you always have that person and you keep it in your head. In this case, the individual cannot live the present moment in a valuable and healthy way because he does not always focus on the present, on the contrary, he expands it and sees it to the end. burn. That's why it's important to value the present, communicate with the other person, and maintain a healthy relationship.

Try to Understand the Basis of Fear of Losing

Trying to understand the roots of the fear of loss can be a situation that individuals can do if they approach the event in a healthy way, and it may also require professional support. another social area of life. The events he experienced as a child may leave a trace when he encounters another event later on. You can worry about this fear by constantly writing a prescription for the fear of losing a family member. In such cases, individuals can find this fear strongly in themselves in the processes that occur under the influence of the trauma they have experienced. People who cannot establish a healthy relationship with their families at an early age may have difficulty in adapting to their environment in later years. I always think that the person in front of me will come and go one day. Depending on the underlying fear of losing, they begin to experience trust problems. The trust relationship that cannot be established with parents in a healthy way at an early age will turn into an unhealthy relationship of trust over the years. This is why it is so important to trust your children at an early age.

What is the treatment for fear of loss?

Techniques used to treat the fear of losing a loved one include up-to-date psychological methods. The main treatment for overcoming this disorder, which is a type of phobia, is therapeutic practice. During treatment, people try to understand the reason for their fear and improve their experiences. With the support of the therapist throughout the session, it is aimed to understand the negative thought patterns that the person is not aware of and to replace them with healthy thoughts. Therapeutic techniques used in therapy also aim to teach individuals to set healthy boundaries in their current relationships and to communicate accordingly. Medications can be prescribed. However, these are generally seen as short-term solutions and it is aimed to produce permanent solutions with treatment methods.

How to prepare before the treatment of fear of loss?

It is a very important development that the person decided to apply for the support of a specialist before the online therapy treatment of fear of loss. In addition, in such cases, the tolerance of individuals to themselves may be very low. It is very important to have confidence that success will be achieved with online therapy and that these difficulties will be overcome. The psychological preparation process before the treatment can be established depending on such factors. Optionally, a specialist therapist can be consulted about the treatment.

What are the goals of fear of loss treatment?

The aims of treatment for fear of losing loved ones offered online work just like face-to-face methods. The primary goal of treatment is to fully resolve the disorder that seriously affects the person's social and mental life. At the same time, it is aimed to terminate the current symptoms and attacks. However, the final solution is; The cause of the disease is very important for the specialist therapist, as it will be realized by understanding the underlying cause and applying therapy for it.