OCD; It is a chronic mental illness with recurrent obsessions and compulsions, sometimes with periodic exacerbations, and a marked deterioration in the person's functionality. obsession; Repetitive, unwanted, irrational intrusive thoughts or impulses, and compulsions are defined as repetitive behaviors or mental actions that occur in response to obsessions, reduce anxiety, and feel compelled to do. Obsessions and compulsions may exist alone or together.


1. Repetitive and persistent thoughts, impulses, and phantasies that are involuntary and interpreted as meaningless that cause increased anxiety or distress.

2. Thoughts, urges, or fantasies are not excessive worries about life problems.

3. The person attempts to ignore, suppress, or neutralize these thoughts, impulses, or phantasies with another thought or action.

4. The person sees obsessional thoughts, impulses or fantasies as products of his own mind.


1. Repetitive behaviors or mental acts performed in response to an obsession or strictly followed by certain rules.

2. Behaviors or mental acts are designed to relieve anxiety or prevent a state of chord; but it is not realistically related or excessive to what it is designed to neutralize or prevent.

B. At some point in the course of the disease, the person accepts that their obsessions or compulsions are excessive or unreasonable (Note: This criterion does not apply to children).

C. The obsessions or compulsions are a significant source of distress and are time-consuming (more than one hour a day) or interfere with the person's usual daily duties and responsibilities, impair productivity, interfere with social activities or relationships with others.

D. This condition is not better explained by the symptom of another disorder.

E. The symptoms occurred unrelated to the physiological effects of a general organic condition or drug use.

It is indicated if it is accompanied by loss of insight: it is indicated if the patient does not find the obsessions and compulsions excessive and meaningless in the current attack.