Melancholic depression is a form of major depressive disorder (MDD) that is characterized by a profound presentation of severe depression. With this form of depression, there is a complete loss of pleasure in all or almost everything. Symptoms 

Symptoms of melancholic depression include:

-A distinct quality of depressed mood characterized by profound despondency, despair, or emptiness

-Depression that is consistently worse in the morning

-Early morning waking (at least two hours earlier than normal)

-Psychomotor disturbances of either retardation, which is the slowing of normal movement, or agitation, which is increased and/or irregular movement

-Anorexia or weight loss

-Excessive or inappropriate guilt

In order to be diagnosed with melancholic depression, an individual must exhibit symptoms of major depressive disorder such as:

-Feelings of persistent sadness

-Loss of interest and pleasure

-Low energy or fatigue


-Appetite changes

-Sleep difficulties

-Changes in activity levels

-Difficulty concentrating

-Thoughts of dying or suicide

To be diagnosed with melancholic features, you must have at least three of these symptoms:

-Depression that is different from grief

-Weight loss or loss of appetite

-Slowed activity or restlessness

-Excessive guilt

-Waking much earlier than normal

-More severe depressive symptoms in the morning

Melancholic depression can have a serious impact on your work, school, social and home life. If you have symptoms of depression, you can consider treatment options that can rule out other causes and help you regain your balance. You can take a look at our psychologists who work with depression in Tappy Online Therapy, schedule your appointment and start getting support right away.