How to Talk to Your Partner About Your Depression ?

When you experience depression it is difficult to understand and even harder to explain to those around you. Learn how to communicate your feelings and struggles to your partner so they can help support you.

Outline your Goals and Intentions

Here are some questions you'll want to consider as you prepare to speak:

-How much does your partner know about depression?
-What kind of reaction do you expect?
-What kind of support do you want from your partner?
-Do you want to talk about this topic regularly?
-Would you like your partner to take an active role in your treatment plan?
-What do you want from your partner?

There is no right time to tell your partner. If you feel hopeless, have suicidal thoughts, or are thinking about harming yourself, you should let your partner know and contact a mental health professional immediately. If your situation is not urgent, you can set aside a convenient time for both of you. You can start the conversation by saying, "I'm not looking for advice right now, I'm not calling you to solve problems." I just want to connect with you emotionally and just want you to understand what I'm going through, you might go on.

Include Your Partner in Your Treatment Plan

Maybe you're having a relapse, or maybe you're feeling depressed for the first time. Regardless, be sure to let your partner know about your feelings and your plan for handling depression. If you're working with a mental health professional, such as a therapist or counselor, consider ways your partner can get involved, especially if they're having trouble understanding depression and how it affects your daily habits and behaviors. At the very least, this joint session will allow your partner to gain more insight into your experience.

keep the conversation going

If your partner does not offer support, it is not a reflection of you or your experience. They may not understand the complications of depression or how to help you, or they may think they are helping you when they actually make the situation worse. However, every relationship is unique. What works for one couple may not work for another. Your depression has a direct effect on your partner. Your partner may wonder why you are occasionally angry, not participating in your favorite activities, or struggling at work. Talking about your feelings may not be fun, but it is beneficial for your mental health. You may be surprised at how good you feel when your partner learns about the feelings you have inside.