Can Numbness and Tingling Be Psychological?

Yes. Psychological problems can cause numbness and tingling sensations in the body. It can be seen among the reactions of the body against stress, especially in people experiencing intense stress. Numbness and tingling symptoms do not occur only as a symptom of bodily ailments. At the same time, psychological problems manifest themselves with more than one symptom in the body. These symptoms are the most natural way for the human brain to warn the individual about the problems.

How to Understand that Numbness and Tingling Are Psychological Symptoms?

In general, individuals apply to emergency services when numbness and tingling are disturbing. If there is no problem in the medical examination, psychological symptoms are examined. Especially if these symptoms are concentrated around situations such as stress and anxiety, then it is thought to occur in relation to anxiety. The numbness and tingling sensation that occurs with psychological problems cannot be resolved with a medical treatment. Therefore, it is necessary to get support from a specialist psychologist. The determination of the psychological origin of this feeling is only possible with expert opinion. In other words, when the numbness and tingling sensation is not detected due to a physical reason, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist to examine the psychological causes.

How Long Does the Psychological Numbness and Tingling Feeling Last?

The numbness and tingling sensation that arises from psychological origin continues depending on the continuity of the problem. For example, if the body is numb and tingling in case of intense stress, this feeling may be experienced until the stress disappears.

The duration of the psychological numbness and tingling sensation differs from person to person. It can be seen for a shorter time in some people and longer in others. For this reason, it is not possible for experts to give an exact time. In general, a person experiencing a panic attack experiences intense numbness and tingling symptoms. These feelings also end with the passing of the panic attack. The duration of this feeling affects the daily life of the person.

What Are the Psychological Causes of Numbness and Tingling?

· Anxiety

· Panic attack

. Intense state of stress

. extreme fear

. Prolonged insomnia

. Post traumatic stress disorder

How to Treat Numbness and Tingling Sensation?

The psychological numbness and tingling symptom is important in terms of expressing the discomfort of the body. As soon as you understand that this ailment is not physical but psychological, it will be the right way to go to a specialist psychologist. Thus, you can prevent panic attacks or similar disorders by getting psychological support. You can take a look at the expert staff of Tappy Online Therapy right away!