6 Ways to Overcome Sensuality!

1. Be aware of your emotions:

Surrender to your emotions for a moment and try to feel how your emotions affect you. At what point do your emotions arise? Do you have a headache, stomach ache or a pain in your heart?

Only when you are truly aware of your emotions do you not consume them. How long and how intensely it is up to you to apply it? Closing your eyes and breathing deeply will help you.

2. Only you are responsible for your feelings:

You make the decision about your feelings, no one else. How you perceive a situation and how you feel about it is entirely your choice. Therefore, only you can restrain your emotions. Therefore, do not blame others in the situation for possible emotional outbursts, because you are in control, question yourself first.

3. Review your thoughts:

Think about your thoughts, what thoughts were running through your mind before certain moods came up. What was the situation that started it all? How did you perceive this and how did you interpret it? Since your thoughts have a significant impact on your emotions, reconsidering your thoughts will help you. That way, you'll gain important insights to help you get better control of your emotions next time.

4. Change your thoughts first, then your feelings:

Since thoughts affect emotions, it makes sense to start with analyzing your thoughts. What you think is entirely in your hands. You can partially change every emotion you feel. Are you upset about something or someone upset you? Of course it's not nice, but try to put yourself in his shoes. What reasons did the person who upset you have for acting this way? Would you do the same if you were in his place?

Even if your frustration and sadness don't go away completely, it will at least partially turn into understanding, and what made you so angry and upset will gradually fade away.

5. Stop your inner monologue:

We all know the inner voice that constantly reminds us of unpleasant situations and does not allow us to forget the anger we experienced. How often do you think about all the reasons why you are right to be angry? However, you unnecessarily prolong your feelings and enter into an emotion that affects you negatively. But if you manage to stop your inner monologue and look at your emotions with a more neutral eye, it will work in your favor.

6. Take action:

Exercising is always good for people, especially in the fresh air. You can free your thoughts, analyze your emotions, and empty your mind. Exercises have been proven to contribute to mental health because it helps you better understand and control your emotions.

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