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Hello, I am Necla Karaca. I completed my university education at Istanbul Bilgi University, Department of Psychology. During my undergraduate education, I had the opportunity to do many internships and volunteering. I worked voluntarily in many social responsibility projects such as TEGV and KAÇUV. During my undergraduate studies, I completed my internship at Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital. During my undergraduate studies, I carried out a project with the University of Budapest in cooperation with Aiesec. With this project, I participated in psycho-social activities with mentally and physically disabled individuals for 2 months. After completing my bachelor's degree, I completed my master's degree in Clinical Psychology at Bournemouth University, England, for a master's degree in clinical psychology. While continuing my master's degree, I completed the Yıldız Technical University family counseling certification program. I completed short-term solution-focused therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Emotion-focused therapy training. At the same time, I received training in the field of Play Therapy and Filial Therapy, which was opened by the Play Therapies Association. I provide consultancy in the fields of Children / Adolescents and Adults. I use the cognitive behavioral therapy school as a school. And also, as a columnist, I continue to write a column in Manşet Turkey. I continue my work online on the TAPPY platform.


Klinik Psikolog (2021 - 2021)

Ozel Kiz Kulesi Ozel Egitim ve Rehabilitasyon Merkezi

clinical psychology (2020)

Bournemouth University

Psikoloji (2018)

Bilgi Universitesi

Bilissel Davranisci Terapi (2020)

Bilissel Davranisci Psikoterapiler Dernegi

Aile Danismanligi (2020)

Yildiz Teknik Universitesi


Konuşma: 3/3 Dinleme: 3/3 Okuma: 3/3 Yazma: 3/3
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