Gözde EMİR
Gözde EMİR

Expert Clinical Psychologist


Psychologist Gözde Emir, born in Kadıköy in 1995, graduated from Saint Michel French High School and completed her undergraduate studies in Psychology at Université Lyon Lumière 2, France in 2019. During her undergraduate education, she did her internship in various private consultancy centers in Lyon and Istanbul. He completed his master's degree in Psychoanalytic Clinical Psychopathology at Université Lyon Lumiere 2. During her master's degree, she worked voluntarily with different age groups in various centers in France and provided individual psychological support and group therapy services. He received the equivalence of his Clinical Psychology diploma at Üsküdar University, which he entered in 2021. Since 2020, she has been conducting individual psychotherapy sessions with adolescents and adults under regular supervision. In her individual sessions, she works with psychodynamic therapy and supportive eclectic psychotherapy approach. Since 2022, Dr. Dr. He is the co-therapist of Systemic couple and family therapy of Selim Basarir. In addition to Turkish and French, she also provides psychotherapy services in English.


Psikoterapi - Co-therapist (2021)

Helios Danışmanlık

Asistan Psikolog (2020 - 2020)

Eflatun Danışmanlık

Psikolog (2019 - 2019)

Maison de l'Enfance 3eme Est - LYON

Psikolog (2018 - 2018)

VHASI Vacances Handicap Atout Sportif International

Psikanalitik Klinik Psikopatoloji (2020)

Université Lyon Lumiere 2

Psikoloji (2019)

Université Lyon Lumiere 2


Konuşma: 3/3 Dinleme: 3/3 Okuma: 3/3 Yazma: 3/3
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